2019 Convention Logo.png

June 27-29, 2019

Houston, TX

Workshops, plenaries, activities that are free and open to the public!

(If you have purchased a full package, you are still required to register for each workshop track that you wish to attend. This will help for seating and materials, thank you!)

B3: Professional development

Through panels and workshops, attendees are able to engage in developing soft skills, navigating the corporate sector, and more.

Youth/College Track

These separate tracks include advocacy workshops and hands-on activities that delve into Asian American and Pacific Islander issues. 

WOmxn's leadhership

Womxn's Initiative Track featuring (left to right) Milikaleakona Tonga Hopoi, Mariko Carpenter, Meea Kang, Cha Vang, Stephanie Nguyen, and Cally Wong.

Uplift, Lead, Impact


The OCA National Convention brings together students, working professionals, thought leaders, and community members of all generations for three days of workshops, activities, and plenaries. Through learning and connecting with each other, attendees are able to take their experiences back to their local communities to lead and uplift others.